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How to find your main water shutoff valve

3/8/2023 (Permalink)

water main shut off Shut off the water main to ensure no water damage occurs in your home.

If you're like most homeowners, you've probably wondered how to turn off your water line. You may have even considered calling a plumber to find out where it's located and if they can help you shut it off temporarily while working on some project that requires shutting off the water supply. Before doing this however, there are several steps to take which can save time and money without having to call an expensive professional!

Check your water meter.

When you notice a leak, check the water meter to see if it's running. This will help you determine where the leak is coming from and how much water is being wasted.

If you want to know how much money your family is spending on water each month, check the meter every couple weeks. That way, when someone uses too much hot water or leaves an appliance turned on too long in a room that doesn't need it. Look for a main shut-off valve.

Look for a main shut-off valve. The main water shut-off valve is usually located near the street, so if you're having trouble finding it, look around your house for any pipes that may lead to it. If there are none, check with neighbors or ask them if they have ever seen one nearby. If all else fails, look at your water meter, it should be located on an exterior wall in plain sight and can usually be identified by its large size.

If there's no main shut off valve or meter available and this isn't something you're comfortable doing yourself (you might want to call an expert), then try looking for an underground pipe coming out of the ground nearby--this could indicate where a buried pipe runs under your property to deliver water from city services into houses like yours!

Check the water meter if you don't see a main shutoff valve.

If you don't see a main shutoff valve, check the water meter. It will be on the outside of your home and has two numbers: one that shows how much water has been used over time, and another for how much is currently being used. If you see that number rising quickly or not moving at all, turn off all faucets and toilets in your house (except for one bathroom sink that can be left running). Then call a plumber immediately!

Follow Utilities

Find the water meter by following your utility lines in back of your home and look for any small boxes on the side of the house. If you don't see a main shutoff valve, look for a water meter instead.

If you're lucky enough to have one installed in your yard (this is most common with older homes), then this should make things easy! The main shutoff valve will usually be located near where all of the plumbing lines come together before entering into your home's foundation or basement wall. It may be labeled as "Meter," "Water Main" or something similar.

Once you locate the meter, it's likely that there will be a pipe coming out of it that goes up to the street or sidewalk. After this pipe comes from the meter, there should be an elbow fitting that is attached to another pipe in front of your house leading up to the foundation wall or basement floor. It may be possible to find a valve that regulates flow into one of these pipes inside your home. This can include a valve under a kitchen sink in some cases or on a side wall of your basement or crawlspace in others.

When you need to replace a water line, it's important to know where your main shutoff valve is. The main shutoff valve is the one that controls all of your home's water supply. If you don't know where this valve is located and how to turn it off, then you could end up with some pretty expensive damage if something goes wrong during installation or repair work.

Finding where to turn off your water line when you need to replace it can save you time and money. Give SERVPRO of Anaheim West a call for your water damage emergency. Our technicians are available 24/7.

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